The Slap

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Feb 12, 2015 - Apr 02, 2015








Hector - Peter SarsgaardAnouk - Uma ThurmanRosie - Melissa GeorgeAisha - Thandie NewtonHarry - Zachary QuintoManolis - Brian CoxRocco - Owen Tanzer

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A adaptation of the Australian family drama of the same name.

Hector is turning 40 and his wife is throwing him a birthday party with close family and friends. But Hector's big day is far from a happy one, as he is struggling to navigate an affair he's having, along with family politics and awkward friendships.

The mounting tension comes to a head when Hector's cousin slaps another couple's misbehaving child at the party. Everybody is stunned and the kid's parents promise to take legal action. But what the hosts and guests don't know is that this incident has ignited a chain of events that will uncover long-buried secrets within the group... and vigorously challenge the core values of all involved.

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10/15/16 at 11:59pm

that kid DESERVED to be slapped!! SERIOUSELY he almost killed another kid waving that stupid bat around and being a stupid disrespectful brat. I 100% supported that slap. after that, i watched a little longer, then quit the show. i just couldn't see the reason for the "drama" of a parent slapping another parents kid. it was understandable. "your kid sucks. you kid almost killed my kid. call the cops. idc. i probably saved my kids life. and i would do it again. no, we are not friends, and no, i am not sorry" end of situation
05/13/15 at 04:46am

Each time I watched it I started getting into it. It had some great actors. I do think the title turned people off and deterred them from even tuning in. I wish it was coming back. It's better than some of these reality shows!
Karla Hofts
03/14/15 at 10:17am

This show "The Slap" intrigues me. It is different from other shows & I'm interested in learning more about the characters each week. It certainly must not be a a show for a lot of people, but I look forward to watching it every week.
Patrick J
03/12/15 at 09:38am

I like this show mainly because it digs into what our culture is really like today. The reason it probably makes some uncomfortable is because it takes most of our worst qualities and puts them on display.
03/06/15 at 12:13pm

This is the worst show aired so far this season. I tried 3 episodes and couldn't endure any more.
02/27/15 at 04:03am

Should re-name the show ¨The Clap¨and get rid of it...
02/19/15 at 11:49am

Just the name of it sounds too stupid. The ads are horrible. I can't make myself even watch it as it just looks too dumb. Please tell me it is cancelled
David Wood
02/13/15 at 07:43am

Judging from the pilot, you'll need a strong stomach to endure the acid and stress swirling around the show's characters.
I never liked listening to other people arguing and sniping, but I'm sure there must be a huge audience out there for this style of drama. Consider the popularity of Jerry Springer type fightfests.

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