American Gothic

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Jun 22, 2016 - Sep 07, 2016








Cam - Justin ChatwinTessa - Megan KetchGarrett - Antony StarrAlison - Juliet RylanceSophie - Stephanie Leonidas

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A drama following a family that suspects one of their own is linked to a string of murders.

A shocking discovery threatens to tear a prominent Boston family apart after the realization that one of their own could be linked to an infamous spate of murders.

When chilling secrets from the past are revealed, they are left searching for answers to the growing suspicions that someone close to them is a killer.

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07/07/16 at 05:31pm

could turn out to be a decent show if we don't have to deal with that creepy kid killing animals. Ok we get it hes psycho like someone else in the family. Slap that kid and put him it therapy and stir up some other dirty family secrets and move on lol
06/29/16 at 08:42pm

David Wood
06/27/16 at 07:34am

Better than I expected.
Either stir up dramatic, terrifying family secrets or wallow in soap opera garbage. Wonder which direction the show will go.
06/24/16 at 08:52am

I thought the first episode was so boring. I don't like the chemistry of the characters, and usually in the first episode, you feel the chemistry the characters will have as the show progresses....
I'll give this up until the end of season 1 before it's cancelled 1/5 stars *thumbs down*
06/22/16 at 09:05pm

Wendy perhaps this is similar to harpers island you mean it's kinda like this harpers island wasnt that great though.
06/08/16 at 11:47pm

Wasn't this a TV series a long time ago - not another rehash I hope?
06/08/16 at 06:46pm

I can't wait for this to come on already! They keep advertising for it and its making me want to see it even more every time.
04/15/16 at 03:36pm

Premise sounds good but a lot will depend on casting, writing and production values. I'll give it a look and see what happens from there.

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