American Gothic

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Jun 22, 2016 - Sep 07, 2016








Cam - Justin ChatwinTessa - Megan KetchGarrett - Antony StarrAlison - Juliet RylanceSophie - Stephanie Leonidas

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A drama following a family that suspects one of their own is linked to a string of murders.

A shocking discovery threatens to tear a prominent Boston family apart after the realization that one of their own could be linked to an infamous spate of murders.

When chilling secrets from the past are revealed, they are left searching for answers to the growing suspicions that someone close to them is a killer.

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Angela Wyatt
12/28/16 at 08:56pm

I am extremely devastated that this show was cancelled! It said season finale not series! I'm never watching a new show that's aired on ABC NBC nor CBS!I'll stick with the CW and Freeform where shows don't automatically get cancelled after one season!
12/05/16 at 01:30am

this serise was just dumb from the get go
11/09/16 at 07:06am

I am soo disappointed that you canceled American Gothic!!! It was a wonderful show and though it would be a completely new story...I really really loved the show and I am really upset that you cancelled it!!! Bring it back!!! Change your minds!!! Pleez?????
09/16/16 at 08:50pm

No, not "meh." This show sucks. Bad.
Really bad.
09/09/16 at 01:36pm

Loved the show I thought it fun and entertaining. LOVED the Hawthorne family ( minus the frightening child ). I for one would love to see it back Thank you for a wonderful summer
09/08/16 at 02:11pm

Loved the show. Looking forward to next season
08/25/16 at 08:41pm

So slow, so many dysfunctional characters and that creepy kid. Wife watched til episode 9, I quit at 6 or7.
08/04/16 at 10:09am

Antony Starr is a really good actor and deserves better writing and possibly a better show. Loved him in Banshee and was sorry that show was cancelled. I would like to see American Gothic continue with better writing and acting from the other cast members. Yes the child with the fetish of trying to figure out what happens to living people and animals if something is changed on them. Would really enjoy seeing more of Antony Starr.
07/19/16 at 06:36am

This show has a great concept but a terrible cast, bad acting and bad writing...won't last
Heidi C
07/14/16 at 11:32am

It would be a better show if you would do something with the kid , put him in therapy or take him off.
I don't see the show coming back for another season .

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