Angel From Hell

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Jan 07, 2016 - Jul 23, 2016








Amy - Jane LynchAllison - Maggie LawsonMarv - Kevin PollakBrad - Kyle Bornheimer

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A comedy following the friendship between a woman and her supposed guardian angel.

Allison is a dermatologist who likes things nice and organized. But her life is derailed when she meets an outspoken woman named Amy who claims to be her guardian angel. While Allison is trying to determine if Amy is actually an angel or just plain crazy, they from an unlikely friendship.

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Chuck c
02/09/16 at 04:17pm

New this show would get canceled after I seen the first show.
Dave James
01/25/16 at 12:10pm

After trying to watch another episode, I have to agree with DW. Snarky Cynicism just doesn't make for a full 30 minute program. Lynch's character started wearing on me when it seemed that Lynch's character was written for the sole reason to be snarky even if there wasn't any reason for her to act that way. It will probably die mid season.
01/18/16 at 12:04pm

I'll be surprised if this makes it the full season.
Writing is boring, ratings are LOW..
Dave James
01/15/16 at 10:10am

The Pilot episode was fairly funny. A few groans along the way but I laughed a lot.
The second episode must have been written with new writers, because it was a boring snoozefest. Talk about a turnaround! Not even one laugh in 30 minutes. I may not watch next week.
01/13/16 at 02:10pm

Very promising. I love Jane Lynch. I hope the writers can give her the sort of script that brings out her best. High hopes for this one!
David Wood
01/09/16 at 07:38am

Flat. Thud-like. Jane Lynch trying to be soulful and sassy at the same time is a fail.

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