Better Late Than Never

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Aug 23, 2016 - Feb 05, 2018






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An alternative comedy following four American icons as they travel across Asia.

Actors Henry Winkler and William Shatner join sports legends Terry Bradshaw and George Foreman as they all embark on an adventure throughout Asia. Coming along on this journey of a lifetime is comedian Jeff Dye, who has his own agenda that takes the group to some unexpected places.

This international excursion has no assistants, no fancy modes of transportation, and no schedule to follow. While all searching for life-altering experiences, each man has their own bucket list items to check off along the way.

The group of five only have each other to rely on for encouragement and support as they make their way to places like Tokyo, Seoul, and Hong Kong. Each location comes with its own local traditions and exotic foods - as well as some unexpected twists and turns.

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05/22/23 at 04:55pm

Are they thinking about renewing the show? Has anyone else heard anything?
11/03/18 at 04:48pm

V.S. Thanks, missed it at the time! Unfortunately it looks like it is indeed canceled.
11/03/18 at 04:37pm

Are you SURE this has not been cancelled? I have seen on other sites that it has been cancelled.
08/14/18 at 02:05am

We absolutely LOVE this show. BEST Comedy on TV. We laugh until we cry with all the antics these guys pull. I love to see them & how they all get along so well. Can't wait to see them soon.
04/15/18 at 03:58pm

This is better than ANY comedy on TV. I have not laughed out loud this much in years. I laugh at every show. Can't wait for season 3.
02/02/18 at 11:09pm

I can't help but love this show. I have laughed and cried more than I ever thought. The camaraderie between these five guys is amazing! I hope they renew it for Season 3. I have only one episode left to watch in Season 2 and I almost want to save it for a time when my heart needs to be uplifted. LOVE IT!
01/04/18 at 01:24pm

Absolutely love this show.The camaraderie amongst these guys is endearing! I am laughing right along with them. We need more shows like this!
01/01/18 at 05:40am

I watched the first episode of season 2 recently. I was in tears laughing so much. Between the beer garden and the city park, it was very funny. Can't wait for more adventures from them.
Donna P.
10/29/17 at 01:30pm

This was such a great show, I really hope there is a season 2. They really showed everyone that you can have a good time no matter how old you are!
10/10/16 at 06:38am

I found myself in stitches over this show! These guys are just terrific together and I can't wait for new episodes!!!

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