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Jun 13, 2016 - Sep 11, 2016




Comedy / Drama




Laurel - Mary Elizabeth WinsteadGareth - Aaron TveitRochelle - Nikki M. JamesGustav - Johnny Ray GillLuke - Danny PinoRed - Tony Shalhoub

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A comedic thriller following a D.C. woman who realizes the government has stopped working due to mysterious circumstances.

Laurel is a young, new staffer on the Hill in Washington, D.C. who learns that the government has mysteriously stopped working. It's not long before she discovers that aliens have come to earth and are eating the brains of a growing number of Congressmen and other staffers.

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03/01/23 at 07:19pm

This show was supposed to be an anthology series where each season would tell a different story in a different region. So you can totally watch season 1 and pretend that it is a miniseries because the season 1 finale is very satisfying and it tied up all the loose ends.
05/18/18 at 10:07pm

You put the show on during the major sports events it was a good show try bringing it back when there are people to watch it without being drawn away by other factors.. maybe it will take off better I Loved it had a good concept who in Washington asked you to scrap it (Geez) Ha Ha... if placed it the right time slot would attract the right followers
10/16/17 at 02:58pm

I am convinced that the bugs got to the people that cancelled this show. Only someone with half a brain would cancel such a great show. I am with the others and hope a smarter network (one with whole brains) will pick this back up.
Hans Wiebe
10/04/17 at 06:50pm

This show was the most just plain fun watching of any in recent memory... Was amazed to learn it wouldn't even get a season two.
09/16/17 at 04:37pm

Can we start a petition to bring this show back? Maybe Hulu or Netflix can pick it up? They seem to have better quality shows than the networks.
AnitaCarol Adonetti
07/11/17 at 07:31pm

Loved this show sad it was cancelled. What was the reason for taking it off the air?
05/28/17 at 05:15pm

Brin this show back. I loved it. So much like our goverment right now. But we can laugh at the Braindead show.
Loretta Boykin
05/17/17 at 04:14pm

Surely you jest "???!!!" A really quirky and whacky program, full of surprising twists and turns, I cannot believe it was cancelled, hope you return it to tv!!!
04/14/17 at 03:41pm

It was the most logical and believable explanation for the idiots we have running the country. I loved every minute of this show. It is a pity that the network was so shortsighted to cancel this witty satire.
03/03/17 at 04:42pm

Please reconsider, we need to add some humor to the awful and frightening state of country's politics. Come on, the cherry trees are about to blossom!

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