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Oct 03, 2016 - Jan 29, 2017




Drama / Legal




Hayes - Hayley AtwellWayne - Eddie CahillSam - Shawn AshmoreMaxine - Merrin DungeyTess - Emily KinneyFrankie - Manny Montana

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A drama following a team that investigates cases of people who may have been wrongly convicted.

Hayes Morrison is the daughter of a former U.S. President and an up-and-coming attorney. After being pressured to head up a new Conviction Integrity Unit, she joins a team that investigates cases of people who may have been wrongfully convicted.

Together with other lawyers, detectives, and forensic experts, the unit re-examines cases where they find credible suspicion of justice not being properly served.

Comments (42)

02/05/18 at 06:08pm

I loved this show. I’m so sorry it was canceled.
larry ray sparks
09/23/17 at 06:41pm

I also agree that "Everytime" I like one of the ABC shows they can it.... I have actually came to a point of 'not bothering to watch their series as I am tired of the disappointment.
larry ray sparks
09/23/17 at 06:38pm

I really liked it as well but I must admit Hayley will remain the founder of Sheild to me!!!!!!
08/19/17 at 08:06pm

I LOVED this show. It was so different from all the other ones. Seriously they don't even give shows a chance anymore. I feel like I shouldn't even start getting into a show until it's in it's 2nd season because all they do is cancel
07/03/17 at 10:55am

Thanks ABC for canceling yet another show on your network that I loved. Now I am down to only watching 2 shows on your network and I'm sure you won't cancel them because they are Shondraland shows. I won't watch another new show on your network! Why Bother!
05/26/17 at 02:46pm

Should've known it would be cancelled. That's what ABC does to quality shows.
Marie Little
05/21/17 at 08:06pm

No! I loved it! I don't want it to be cancelled!
05/10/17 at 02:35pm

Seriously you people need to STOP cancelling good shows and STOP putting reality shows and dumb shows in their places not happy
03/26/17 at 10:58am

Wow when will the stations learn to stop cancelling the good shows? Probably never
03/21/17 at 03:40pm

Its been canceled, no surprise there.

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