Cooper Barrett's Guide to Surviving Life

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Jan 03, 2016 - Jun 26, 2016








Cooper - Jack Cutmore-ScottKelly - Meaghan RathNeal - Charlie SaxtonBarry - James EarlJosh - Justin BarthaLeslie - Liza LapiraRomona - Victoria Justice

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A comedy about the misadventures of post-college life - and how to avoid them.

Cooper Barrett is a young man fresh out of college and entering life in the real world. But he doesn't have his dream job, he's in love with his neighbor, and he's busy dealing with many of life's unexpected challenges.

Cooper guides us through these misadventures so that others can learn from his mistakes and avoid these unnecessary ordeals when entering adulthood.

Comments (4)

07/10/16 at 01:41pm

I saw the trailers and it didn't look interesting... at all.
Most comedy shows nowadays are garbage... relying on what's popular rather than whipping up original content. Thankfully, this show didn't last long. This is why I watch shows such as Steven Universe.
David Wood
01/04/16 at 06:07pm

Wild, silly, drunken morons. You might need to be one to enjoy this show.
12/03/15 at 11:01am

Ferris Beuller's College Day Off.
11/14/15 at 06:42am

cancel already

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