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Mar 07, 2016 - May 09, 2016




Drama / Horror




Damien - Bradley JamesAnn - Barbara HersheySimone - Megalyn EchikunwokeAmani - Omid AbtahiJohn - Scott Wilson

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A drama that acts as a follow-up to The Omen, the classic horror film.

Damien Thorn, the mysterious young boy from The Omen, is now grown up yet unaware of the satanic forces around him. He is, however, haunted by his past. Plagued by odd occurrences and flashbacks, Damien is forced to face his true destiny of being the Antichrist.

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05/18/16 at 07:41pm

I love Damien! It is such a great story! My son and I would look foward to Monday nights to tune in!!I hope there is a season 2 we are so hooked they can't leave us hanging!!Damien just turned evil so there is alot more story to be told!! Please renew Damien😊
05/13/16 at 04:38pm

Love the cast especially Bradley! hope you continue to keep it on. Very exciting and surprising.
05/13/16 at 07:47am

I've watched one episode and DVR'd the rest. I'm waiting to see if it will get renewed before even bothering. Doesn't seem like the ratings are there.
04/15/16 at 08:26am

03/27/16 at 04:03am

So far, I have really loved it. Having watched the movie, when it came out, I probably have a different view of it than those that didn't . It's an awesome, scary story, coming on the tails of an awesome movie, that shocked people then. People are so numbed over stuff like this now, but it is still exciting and a good watch.
03/07/16 at 11:14am

It's a laugh riot! Not.
03/07/16 at 06:19am

Antichrist? Yeah the goody-goody moms clubs will be up in arms over this 1 like they were over Fox's Lucifer. This one however, probably won't last long.

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