Dead of Summer

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Jun 28, 2016 - Aug 30, 2016




Drama / Horror




Deb - Elizabeth MitchellAmy - Elizabeth LailDrew - Zelda WilliamsBlair - Mark IndelicatoGarrett - Alberto FrezzaJoel - Eli GoreeAlex - Ronen RubinsteinCricket - Amber ConeyJessie - Paulina Singer

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A horror drama following the awakening of a dark mythology at a summer camp.

It's summer in the 1980's and the counselors at Camp Stillwater are ready for a summer of adventure in the idyllic midwest. Unfortunately, their summer of fun takes a terrorizing turn when Stillwater’s ancient, dark mythology awakens and lets loose unimaginable evil.

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05/26/17 at 03:49am

This should comeback please!! It was interesting! Enjoyed the plot lines. It is nice to sit down and watch something that keeps your attention and yet isn't all about the bad stuff we have going on in our world tv, as many of the law shows have, those just bum me out! Decent entertainment and will be missed!!!!
04/09/17 at 09:42pm

Great shows don't appeal to a large enough audience, and therefore typically get cancelled quickly. Good shows, appeal to a wide audience, and therefore end up on the air for many years, despite being nothing special. There are exceptions to this, but it's a good rule of thumb.
You can tell Dead Of Summer is worth watching, because it was cancelled after only one season.
I only just found out this show was cancelled which sucks hard, because this was one the shows I was most excited about for 2017. :(
If you enjoy Dead of Summer have a look at Harper's Island.
michael dobey
11/12/16 at 09:03am

Why cancel this one? it's not like they had to have a huge budget. It takes place in a summer camp!. This was a interesting horror show. And it took place in 1989. Which made it even more fun. Freeform. Put it on friday nights instead. They won't though.
10/12/16 at 08:36am

Please keep this show on. I am so tired of shows being cancelled and reality shows replacing them.
08/31/16 at 06:43pm

this show is so fricken cool!!!! It's like scream queens but better. This is the one show I looked forward to watching every single week. Please Freeform don't cancel this show!!!!
07/29/16 at 02:40pm

Please don't cancel this show! I'm so sick of void shows getting the axe! Give it a chance for once

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