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Oct 10, 2016 - Oct 18, 2017




Drama / Horror




Barrett - Tyler ChaseJohn - Chad Michael CollinsLeShaen - Melvin GreggNoodle - Hayes GrierDiesel - Adam HicksGrover - Leo HowardMary - Mary MouserZoey - Meghan Rienks

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A horror drama following a group of teens fighting to survive after mutants take over their town.

When a group of students attend detention at their high school, little do they know that their lives are about the change forever. When a nearby chemical plant melts down, it creates mutants that take over their town and trap them inside.

While they attempt to understand what is going on outside the school, they soon realize that there may be trouble lurking inside the walls as well.

Comments (3)

07/10/20 at 04:20pm

I binge watched this show and couldn't believe yet another was cancelled. Sad
J. DiceArt
09/26/18 at 05:53am

My daughter and I really enjoy this show! Yes, the acting is a bit sub par, due to the inexperienced social media actors...but they were a lot better by season 2. Hopefully they decide to continue with season 3. *fingers crossed*
Vicky Bung
01/01/17 at 12:42pm


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