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Oct 05, 2016 - Jan 25, 2017


The CW


Drama / Sci-fi




Raimy - Peyton ListFrank - Riley SmithSatch - Mekhi PhiferStan - Anthony RuivivarGordo - Lenny JacobsonJulie - Devin KelleyDaniel - Daniel Bonjour

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A drama following a woman who can speak with her deceased father by ham radio.

Detective Raimy Sullivan never got the chance to really know her father. When she was only eight years old, NYPD cop Frank Sullivan left his family to go undercover on a case, but got corrupted and was later killed.

It's now 20 years later, and Raimy is shocked when she hears her dad's voice come through his broken old ham radio. Somehow he is transmitting over the airwaves from 1996. Raimy is able to warn her dad that the sting he is on will lead to his death, helping him to survive the attempt on his life.

But Raimy soon finds out that changing history has had a dramatic affect on her life in the present, along with tragic consequences. Separated by 20 years, Raimy and her father have reunited on a frequency only they can hear, and they now must work together to rewrite the story of their lives.

Comments (23)

05/10/17 at 04:53pm

This sucks! Hey Netflix, this would be a good one to take over!!!
Just Someone
05/10/17 at 08:47am

another one bites the dust.....
michael dobey
05/08/17 at 04:05pm

This was a good time travel show. Considering noone traveled through time only radio waves. It was a decent show. Rip.
03/26/17 at 07:33pm

I'm tired of good shows getting cancelled when bad ones constantly renewed. no wonder people choose netflix and least we get good shows there.It's a shame if they cancel frequency.
S. Bryant
03/26/17 at 02:19pm

Binge watched on Netflix, loved it! Hope CW decides to renew
03/23/17 at 11:41pm

We just binge watched Frequency on Netflix. We are so hooked and will be so disappointed if it's cancelled! Bring back for Season 2!!!
03/12/17 at 08:32pm

I love this show!!!
Please keep it!
One of my favorites
03/07/17 at 03:45pm

Really liked this show, some excellent acting imho. No interest when it was a CW premiere and looked like another Lethal Weapon/Training Day/etc. etc. I only watched when it hit Netflix so I hope that others did too and it gets renewed/picked up.
03/07/17 at 02:50pm

@ Ivan: Well said!
Pam Burrell
02/21/17 at 05:54pm

BRING ON Season 2 I am HOOKED!!! Love this Series!

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