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Mar 23, 2016 - May 25, 2016




Drama / Medical




Dr. Panttiere - Melissa GeorgeDr. Harrison - Dave AnnableDr. Shane - Don HanyMillicent - Shelley ConnDr. Hackett - D.L. HughleyDr. Callahan - Jamie KennedyGi-Sung - Maya ErskineForrester - JLouis MillsMax - Joshua Leonard

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A medical drama following an outspoken doctor who pushes the boundaries of medical science.

Dr. Alex Panttiere is a world-renowned heart transplant surgeon and one of a small number of women in her field of expertise. She is fearless on the job, always doing things on her own terms while dealing with a skeptical faculty and pushing the envelope of medical science to new heights.

Comments (33)

06/04/16 at 05:47pm

I agree with Wendy, Miriam, Leslie, Vikki, Stu, Sharon, FloridAL, Gladys, Charles, Stu and Wingernew3, and I bet there are others! I love all of the characters. But I especially love Dr. Panttiere and Dr. Shane! It's a great show - I'm hooked! Please don't cancel!!!!!
06/02/16 at 04:48pm

Why was this show cancel???? Bring the show back it's a great show. Please bring back.
06/01/16 at 10:35am

PLEASE reconsider your decision to cancel this great show. I was hesitant about it as wasn't a big fan of Melissa George, but she's really wonderful, as is the rest of the cast. Humor, drama, everything. Loved it.
05/26/16 at 11:16pm

It figures. They cancel the good shows and leave the moronic sitcoms on!
05/26/16 at 11:17am

SumBitch. I cant believe they cancelled this show. I just kicked in the front of my TV.
05/24/16 at 10:10pm

No! No! What and How do we get this show to stay on!!!!
I Fell in Love with each and every Character!
This show make me laugh, cry and Smile!!!
It must stay on!!!!!
05/24/16 at 01:23pm

PLEASE DON'T !!!!!!!!!!!! We need shows like this.
05/23/16 at 06:35pm

Interesting.......my DVR says that this weeks show is the "Season 1" finale. Last week it said "series finale". Could the network have had a change of heart?
05/23/16 at 05:54pm

I think they need more series' and less reality TV shows now insted of singing shows it's exercise shows when are these stupid reality TV shows gonig to finally run their course.
05/22/16 at 11:48am

I can't believe they canceled this show! It kind of reminded me of the medical show "House" except she has a better bedside manner. lol Whatever happened to switching nights? They did that years ago...if a show wasn't working on a Wednesday, they'd try it on a Tuesday or something. Geez.

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