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Mar 23, 2016 - May 25, 2016




Drama / Medical




Dr. Panttiere - Melissa GeorgeDr. Harrison - Dave AnnableDr. Shane - Don HanyMillicent - Shelley ConnDr. Hackett - D.L. HughleyDr. Callahan - Jamie KennedyGi-Sung - Maya ErskineForrester - JLouis MillsMax - Joshua Leonard

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A medical drama following an outspoken doctor who pushes the boundaries of medical science.

Dr. Alex Panttiere is a world-renowned heart transplant surgeon and one of a small number of women in her field of expertise. She is fearless on the job, always doing things on her own terms while dealing with a skeptical faculty and pushing the envelope of medical science to new heights.

Comments (33)

05/19/16 at 01:49pm

I have found every episode to be better than the last on this show as the characters are fleshed out. I'm really going to miss it and could name a dozen shows that I feel should be cancelled instead.
05/18/16 at 01:11pm

After watching episodes 1 & 2 I decided to wait and see, then binge watch. Well I guess I can delete the unwatched episode off my DVR.
05/16/16 at 10:28pm

I really liked this show
05/16/16 at 02:49pm

I saw an episode and it was pretty good but nothing set it apart from the other medical dramedies out there. i'm not surprised.
Mary Steele
05/15/16 at 08:07pm

I love this show! It is a cast of characters and they are brilliant in their roles. I am shocked and disappointed that you have cancelled this show.
05/11/16 at 11:57pm

Forgetting the fact that the individual "miracles" the lead character performs each week are hackneyed and doled out in the most boring way possible…I personally am sick of seeing yet another woman having an affair and having it all be okay because it came out of an "emotional" need and should automatically be forgiven and the injured boyfriend should just "get over it" and take her back cause he should be happy and feel blessed just being considered the "2nd" most important man in her life and that should be good enough for him!!!
04/25/16 at 06:45am

I like this series and especially since the main character is flawed in many ways yet is still a brilliant doctor. It may not be a new premise but I find it interesting and entertaining. It is better than Chicago Med which I find to be really overdone.
Mary Judkins
04/24/16 at 11:35am

bring back Laura and ditch this bore!
04/17/16 at 09:40pm

Love this show. Kind of crazy, like real life. Not every family is normal. Need to give it a chance.
P Hubbard
04/16/16 at 07:41am

I don't understand the negative reviews of a witty, accurate medical drama with the lead characters right on target! It's a shame the demographic is off as much as the viewers who cannot appreciate the show.

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