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Mar 23, 2016 - May 25, 2016




Drama / Medical




Dr. Panttiere - Melissa GeorgeDr. Harrison - Dave AnnableDr. Shane - Don HanyMillicent - Shelley ConnDr. Hackett - D.L. HughleyDr. Callahan - Jamie KennedyGi-Sung - Maya ErskineForrester - JLouis MillsMax - Joshua Leonard

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A medical drama following an outspoken doctor who pushes the boundaries of medical science.

Dr. Alex Panttiere is a world-renowned heart transplant surgeon and one of a small number of women in her field of expertise. She is fearless on the job, always doing things on her own terms while dealing with a skeptical faculty and pushing the envelope of medical science to new heights.

Comments (33)

01/16/17 at 07:10pm

This show was one of the best series that has hit tv prime time in a very long time. I'm shocked that it's been cancelled! Please re-think that decision!
10/15/16 at 00:48am

This was a great show to watch as soon as I give a show a chance you guys always cancel it please being it back
09/14/16 at 01:10am

I just discovered this show last night. Checked out the pilot and we thought it was pretty good. I was wondering why I had not heard about this show before. It started in March and I never saw a promotion for it. It is just weird. Well we thought the show was great. Very funny. A very unique cast. We thought it was a keeper until we discovered that it was cancelled in May. Oh well. It is sad to see a show with potential fall through the cracks.
Good luck on your next project Melissa George.
09/07/16 at 10:42pm

While my husband waits for a heart transplant in real life we were thoroughly entertained by this show. Sometimes when we were watching things got a little close to home. Show was spot on medically for us. All the good shows don't get a real chance at succeeding. Omg I hope they don't cancel code black. That one is also superb.
07/03/16 at 09:21am

What a great show I can't believe it's cancelled it's for all ages I'm 64 yr and love it
Carla & Ray McDonald
06/27/16 at 10:46am

Of COURSE, one of the best new shows on would be cancelled. Based on a true story, great actors, intriguing stories. Whoever makes these decisions must start to realize that the young audience they are pandering to, are NOT the ones with the money to buy what the advertisers are pushing. All goes back to money, right?
06/19/16 at 02:15pm

Gone after one season! Maybe they will put on some really quality TV like a bunch of skinny crackheads trotting thru the desert making smart ass quips and stabbing each other in the back. How can we live without that?
06/12/16 at 02:18pm

This show was really good- why do networks do this to us!!!! Come on! I am tired of all of the great shows being cancelled!
06/07/16 at 01:20pm

I am so tired of all the good shows being cancelled. I love this show
06/05/16 at 07:27am

Omg! I Love this show!I am so upset!

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