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May 02, 2016 - Jul 04, 2016




Drama / Crime




Houdini - Michael WestonDoyle - Stephen ManganAdelaide - Rebecca Liddiard

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A drama following two great 20th Century men who team up to investigate crimes.

Harry Houdini is a master escape artist and debunker of the paranormal. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a prolific writer and paranormal enthusiast.

Together, these two real-life friends grudgingly partner up with New Scotland Yard to help investigate unsolved, unexplained, and possibly supernatural crimes.

Comments (59)

07/27/16 at 02:56pm

Great show!!! Need Season 2!!!!
07/26/16 at 02:53pm

This is a great show. Please don't cancel this show
07/24/16 at 03:38pm

Please do not cancel. I look forward to the weekly show.
Rose Carpenter
07/19/16 at 09:44pm

One of my favorite shows.
07/16/16 at 06:01pm

Love this show. Please do not cancel another quality program. There is so much garbage on TV today. This show is so entertaining. Love the period stories and costumes. All I watch are British TV programs. Just love them. ❤️
07/16/16 at 06:14am

One of the best shows on TV. Please renew
07/15/16 at 09:17am

This is absolutely amazing show! I watch it every Monday and I for one hate the idea that it might be cancelled! I ask that you renew the show instead of canceling it. I may be only 15 but, I love the shows twist and plots, I also love how they play Doyle's character as well. Again LOVE the Show, PLEASE DONT CANCELL the show.
Debbie Wiss
07/14/16 at 03:38am

I really like the show. Please do not cancel show.
07/12/16 at 12:52pm

Freshest writing and excellent storyline. Please give us another season. Not your 'run of the mill' show. We really look forward to each episode. Please renew.
07/11/16 at 08:24pm

Love this show. More people would have watched if they had known it was on Fox. Great new show please do not cancel.

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