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Nov 14, 2016 - Dec 17, 2018




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A docu-drama following a group of astronauts who land on the red planet.

Set both in the future and in the present day, this series mixes a scripted drama with documentary-style interviews featuring some of the brightest minds in modern science.

Together, they illuminate how research and development is creating the technology that will enable mankind's first attempt at a mission to Mars.

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12/07/18 at 02:44pm

Pretty good show, once you fast forward through the "Greenpeace" sections and other political propaganda. Good plot, nicely written

Unrelated Ideas like not mining Mars and keeping it a "preserve" and then trying to draw parallels to the environmental movement of today are pretty weak

Earth to National Geographic...Mars is a airless desert.

Unfortunately the ongoing cuts to this current day, environmentalist "thread" is starting to become more and more of the show. Hope it doesn't continue down this road to the point where the Mars component is secondary to National Geo's "morality" story.

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