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May 31, 2016 - Jul 12, 2016








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A variety show featuring music, comedy, and celebrity guests.

This new take on the variety show, from Executive Producer Lorne Michaels, features comedians Maya Rudolph and Martin Short combining their talents to bring audiences a mix of music, comedy, and surprise celebrity guests.

Comments (9)

04/30/17 at 09:30am

Finally a cute and funny show without all the sex and violence. Good and çlean and fresh. Please keep it coming!
Robin Kuhnle
04/04/17 at 11:21am

Better than SNL. Funniest show on tv. Too bad there wasn't enough promotion of this show. Humor is being lost in this politically incorrect and political broadcast country.
11/13/16 at 07:29pm

Worst comedy show I ever watched. Awful. Didn't make me laugh once.
08/22/16 at 07:30pm

My husband and I really like this show. It is fun and the actors are awesome. Pleasantly surprised that they are really good singers too! I think the one with Seinfeld in it is the funniest one yet.
Madylu Zeller
07/12/16 at 08:11pm

This show is just want this country needs at a time where everywhere we read, look and watch is devastation . I Love this show please renew it , my family and I were looking forward to it every week it's been on. People need to watch funny shows to chill out. Please Renew😄😀😀😀
06/21/16 at 09:18pm

Come on, it's funny silly stuff.
I appreciate the talents of Maya Rudolph, Martin Short and Kenan Thompson. Makes me laugh.
It's an earlier version of Jimmy Fallon. He does silly skits and is goofy too!
06/17/16 at 03:30pm

....bit painful to watch.
06/11/16 at 10:24am

I'm enjoying the musical numbers, but some of the sketches are so jouvinile.
Martijn van Baarsen
06/01/16 at 00:46am

OMG,what a waste of money and time this.
Wasn't even funny for a second...
I give it 3 episodes before it gets cancelled!!
Couldn't even bare to finish the first BAD!!!

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