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Jun 03, 2016 - Sep 28, 2018




Drama / Horror




Kyle - Patrick FugitRev. Anderson - Philip GlenisterJoshua - Gabriel BatemanMegan - Wrenn Schmidt

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A drama following a man plagued by supernatural possessions.

Kyle Barnes is a young man who has suffered from possessions for as long as he can remember. Now an adult, he sets out on a journey looking for answers but what he discovers could potentially mean the end of life on Earth.

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Dwayne Hoobler
09/08/16 at 02:25pm

Best show of the summer season, along with Mr. Robot. Well written, excellent cast, suspenseful - what more can you ask for? Already looking forward to season 2.
07/10/16 at 08:08am

I agree it is a good show but it seems the writing is already on the wall when they leave a gap of 3 weeks between episode 1 and episode 2. Episode 6 was not shown on the date it was meant to be, this is not a professional way to do things and shows lack of commitment by the network to this show....
Plus the fact that it features a British actor has spelled its doom....
06/12/16 at 05:17am

It's a good show I like it.

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