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Jun 03, 2016 - Sep 28, 2018




Drama / Horror




Kyle - Patrick FugitRev. Anderson - Philip GlenisterJoshua - Gabriel BatemanMegan - Wrenn Schmidt

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A drama following a man plagued by supernatural possessions.

Kyle Barnes is a young man who has suffered from possessions for as long as he can remember. Now an adult, he sets out on a journey looking for answers but what he discovers could potentially mean the end of life on Earth.

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07/10/20 at 04:17pm

This show was pretty creepy. It had what you need to keep watching every week. Sad to see it was cancelled.
06/29/18 at 11:28am

For those of you who haven't heard yet season 2 is airing july 20 2018 on cinemax.
11/08/17 at 06:57am

One of the best shows on TV !!!!
09/18/17 at 09:44pm

Why leave people hanging out here. Do it or don't. I realize it's not that simple but man what a waste of time.
09/04/17 at 09:03am

Season 2 of Outcast has already played in the UK.Don't know when it will play over here.
08/23/17 at 04:21pm

Well, 9/2/16 HBO said they were cancelling it due to the low ratings for the finale, even though they had previously renewed it. Then, they came out with a trailer for season 2 on 11/18/16 and even introduced new characters. It should have started in June 2017 and didn't,so I don't know what is going on and I am really angry about this, because I love this show and if I had known they were going to leave us hanging, I wouldn't have watched season 1.
Carly Wilson
06/13/17 at 12:35pm

Yes I'd what you say is right then they have definitely cancells looks like they have moved rome to Italy
05/11/17 at 04:40am

I love this show. It's filmed where I live. I'm a bit concerned though that it may not have been picked up for a third season. They have placed a for rent sign on the location used for the police station and they have painted over the "Rome" mural on the wall in town. Please don't let the show be cancelled. It's one of the few things I watch!
01/18/17 at 04:10pm

Can't wait for season 2 and hope there will be a season 3. Best show on tv. Just wish it was a full hour long.
10/09/16 at 09:22am

I absolutely love this and am joining Cinemax because of it. There are so many shows and movies about demonic possession out there, that I thought there wasn't anything new to be done about it. But, I was wrong, because Outcast has come up with a new and totally interesting twist. Well, it is from a comic book series, which means the story has to be good and they have done an exceptional job of turning it into, one of the best shows I've seen all year. I have been watching it during Cinemax free promotional weekend and if they keep up this quality of programming, I will stay with them.

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