The Catch

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Mar 24, 2016 - May 11, 2017








Alice - Mireille EnosKieran - Peter KrauseZoe - Sonya WalgerThomas - Jacky IdoAndie - Rose RollinsEvan - Alimi BallardJames - Jay HaydenMaria - Elvy Yost

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A thriller following a private investigator who is conned by her fiancé.

Alice Vaughn is LA's top private investigator. She's strong, successful, and someone not to be messed with. When her fiancé cons her out of millions of dollars and vanishes, Alice sets out on her own private mission for payback - and she'll stop at nothing to get her man.

Comments (22)

02/05/18 at 05:54pm

Another wonderful show with a wonderful storyline that I enjoyed once again it’s canceled. ABC sucks
12/26/17 at 06:26am

Come on abc at lease put season 2 out on DVD.I was hoping that some other network would pick it up!
11/23/17 at 10:32pm

Why is it every time we love a show these networks cancel them. Why don't you ask the public first. We sit thru all those annoying commercials, wait anxiously for the next episode and guess what, it's canceled.
Great show awesome actors,FUN, romantic. Please bring it back.
06/16/17 at 06:19pm

Oh, no! I loved this show. Really enjoyed the unique storyline, characters and writing. Really disappointed that it's cancelled. :( Hoping ABC will reconsider, especially if enough people speak up.
06/05/17 at 10:30pm

My husband and I tremendously enjoyed this show. Just saw the end of Season two and we loved it. We were sorry to hear it was cancelled. Perhaps if you hear enough feedback, you might reconsider. This one was great. Loved the twists in Season Two, and the addition of Tessa.
05/23/17 at 11:04am

Don't cancel. Great twist and turns, keeps you interested. Try on another night if ratings were to low, before you cancel.
05/17/17 at 08:02am

I can't believe this show is cancelled!! It's so fun to watch. Maybe that's the problem, not enough reality drama? Alice and her team provided enjoyable viewing that wasn't overrun with over the top dark crimes, idiotic humor, or reality tears that seem to dominate tv these days. Sad, sad, day!!
05/15/17 at 06:49am

This show is better than a lot of the other crap out there. Does anyone watch "The Toy Box". Really?
sol alexander
05/14/17 at 07:17am

I love this show...please don't cancel...please please...
05/12/17 at 12:19pm

Very sad to see this show has been cancelled. Give it another season!

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