Uncle Buck

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Jun 14, 2016 - Jul 05, 2016








Buck - Mike EppsAlexis - Nia LongWill - James LesureTia - Iman BensonMiles - Sayeed ShahidiMaizy - Aalyrah CaldwellMark - Adam Saunder

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A comedy inspired by the 1989 film of the same name.

Uncle Buck is an easygoing but irresponsible guy who is unemployed and needing a place to stay. When his brother and sister-in-law need someone to help out around their house, they realize that having Buck move in would answer each others' problems.

Comments (13)

09/29/16 at 03:09pm

loved the show
09/10/16 at 06:12pm

Never bothered to watch, but loved the movie. I knew John Candy could not be replaced, and didn't want to sully the memory of the movie with this blatant flop.
08/21/16 at 02:53pm

The show was terrible in the first few episodes with cheesy jokes you seen coming a mile away, but once it got its footing I really enjoyed the last couple episodes and hoped it'd be renewed!
08/15/16 at 03:22pm

LOVED the Show very funny
08/03/16 at 08:10am

Didn't even get a chance to see this one.
Julie Jones
07/20/16 at 02:18am

Why is it that every remake these days is a white show done again in black? They even made a black Annie! I watch several black shows...The Carmichael show, Blackish, Nightly, just a few, and they're good! But they're originals. Make black shows, but make them NEW!
07/07/16 at 00:41am

I knew it would be canceled the first few mins I watched it. It was dumb as all hell. It was dumber than Mr. Robinson. Just terrible.. Now they need to cancel Blackish. The Carmichael Show, now that's a good one.
07/06/16 at 10:59pm

Sorry -- but the remakes are not as good as the original. They tried the UB series in 1990 after the success of the movie with Kevin Meaney, and it wasn't the same. I really wish Hollywood would STOP remaking everything. Now we have a new Match Game, Pyramid, and To Tell the Truth back too? Really? We have NO new ideas left? Are we going to have Holograms of Merv Griffin next???
Parish J
07/03/16 at 10:07pm

Please, do NOT pick this show up! I have nothing against black people but why is it a very successful movie has to be picked but put a black spin on it? It's not funny the way it tries to be converted! Leave it alone! You can't remake the magic that John Candy has done! The series Blackish is done and it is good but need to leave this one alone!
06/22/16 at 07:26am

Very funny show hope it gets pick up!

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