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Mar 09, 2016 - May 10, 2017






Noah - Aldis HodgeRosalee - Jurnee Smollett-BellAugust - Christopher MeloniCato - Alano MillerElizabeth - Jessica De GouwErnestine - Amirah VannHenry - Renwick ScottJohn - Marc BlucasMoses - Mykelti WilliamsonPearly Mae - Adina PorterSam - Johnny Ray GillZeke - Theodus Crane

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A drama following a group of slaves who plan an escape from a Georgia plantation.

This series focuses on a plantation in Georgia and a group of slaves who plan a daring 600-mile escape from their captors. While on the run they are helped by an abolitionist couple who operate a station on the Underground Railroad. Will they be able to evade those tasked with their capture?

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06/03/17 at 08:44am

Salem,Outsiders and now Underground. These 3 shows was the only reason to tune into WGN. Way to go WGN you think your viewing is low, now it will be almost nothing. I don't know who is making the decisions to keep and cancel shows on this network, but BOY you are making the wrong decisions. All three were/are hits. I mean all 3. No reason to tune into WGN, these shows put them back on my TV watching radar, only to be taken off again. Really SUCKS!!!!
05/31/17 at 11:25pm

No im so bummed, I agree with @realitytvsuks awesome acting and not all about the "evil white man" show has many more storylines to tell. Not sure why it's getting canceled just like Outsiders maybe Micheal is right WGN just can't keep affording these shows. Great potential for Netflix, I'm sure this will get picked up
michael dobey
05/30/17 at 06:43pm

I thought Salem was a insane but fun show. and this one was very well done and thought out. It needs a new network. Wgn just can't afford to make series probably. How can they compete?
Deborah Brown
05/30/17 at 04:45pm

I love this show, please find another network to pick it up. always cancel the good shows. so what your going to just have reruns of old shows on this channel I was a fan of the outsiders and you got rid of that. you make me sick.
05/19/17 at 01:24pm

Love, love, love this show. Please do not cancel this amazing show!!!!
Deborah Brown
05/11/17 at 09:15am

Please don't cancel this show, it is different than anything on TV. please at least if you do end it right, because you did not end it right for Outsiders, I loved that show also, always get rid of the good shows and keep stupid stuff on, like the Simpsons, and I zombie.
10/02/16 at 07:20pm

What date and time is Underground going to be aired . Love the show
05/04/16 at 12:19pm

Such a great show... glad it got renewed.
03/24/16 at 08:52pm

Amazing!! The acting is superb, especially Aldis Hodge. I was afraid this would be all about the "evil white people", but it shows the complex nature of the times very well. Looking forward to the next episode!
03/20/16 at 09:21am

slave reboots, plz

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