Vice Principals

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Jul 17, 2016 - Nov 12, 2017








Neal - Danny McBrideLee - Walton GogginsAmanda - Georgia KingGale - Busy PhilippsRay - Shea WhighamDr. Brown - Kimberly Hebert GregoryDayshawn - Sheaun McKinney

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A comedy following two high school vice principals vying to be the top dog.

Two high school vice principals lock horns in an epic power struggle fueled by egos and a desire to claim the coveted role of school principal.

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05/05/18 at 01:29pm

This show is definitely worth watching if you can handle the crude language, poor moral example, and complete absence of censorship. Though much of it is completely unrealistic and over dramatized its humor is top tier. This is not even close to the type of "show" my wife and I watch spending most of our tv watching time viewing movies and programs with some type of educational background often with a reality focus (food network, gold rush, deadliest catch, dirty jobs, curse of oak island, Alaskan bush people) Knowing of course that many are over dramatized and in most cases probably even not "real" at all but scripted accounts of the same people week in week out doing whatever it they do to live, work, and play. Either way we feel we get to see an example of what real people and their families might go through in a similar real life situation. This show, however, hooked us allowing both of us for the first time to understand how everyone we know has at least one show they seemed to schedule there life around not wanting to miss even 1 moment. It is funny, full of surprises, and absolutely left us wanting more.
07/15/17 at 01:17pm

The show was originally slated to be a movie but HBO convince Jody Hill and Danny McBride to do it as a short series. There were only 18 episodes made and they will split up over two seasons. McBride and Hill have already said that there will be no more episodes, just their original 18. It is a funny show, how could it not be. Kind of rough language as you can imagine.
09/25/16 at 02:36am

I read the following on wiki:
"The series was ordered by HBO in May 2014 with an 18-episode pickup,[1] which will be split into two seasons and conclude the series".
09/07/16 at 08:31am

I have the whole season on my dvr, haven't started watching it yet. Is it worth it? Anyone think it will get renewed?
Mike Setterlund
08/14/16 at 09:24pm

Love this comedy show. Danny McBride and Walt Goggins are great in this show. I also like this show is on HBO and has no stupid annoying distractions of hashtags, network logos, advertisements for shows and other messages that appear during the show as seen on other networks. Hope this show survives and there will be second season.
07/19/16 at 11:39am

So much WASTED time and $$$.
Could not suffer the full episode.
Absolutely no value.

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