You, Me and the Apocalypse

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Jan 28, 2016 - Mar 31, 2016




Comedy / Drama




Jude - Rob LoweRhonda - Jenna FischerLeanne - Megan MullallyJamie / Ariel - Mathew BayntonDave - Joel FryArnold - Paterson JosephCeline - Gaia ScodellaroPaula - Pauline QuirkeScotty - Kyle Soller

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A comedic drama following the last days of mankind.

When word spreads that a comet is on a collision course with Earth, the lives of an eclectic group of characters from around the world begin to intersect in unexpected ways amidst the apocalyptic chaos.

Each of these mismatched misfits find different ways of coping with the impending end of the world. With 34 days until the comet collides with Earth, some of them are destined to find their way to a deep underground bunker and become the unlikely future of mankind.

Comments (22)

04/07/16 at 06:39pm

Not all UK shows will translate to U.S success. Fyi
04/05/16 at 11:52pm

NOOOOO!!!! this is a great show with an awesome cast. Damn you NBC!
04/01/16 at 11:15am

This sucks. Loved this show and left us with a huge cliffhanger lastnight. Will not watch NBC anymore they do this way to much I was told not to engage in this network and should have listened.
04/01/16 at 06:35am

JUST WONDERFUL -- just saw this! Watched the whole season only to be met with an abysmal final episode -- with a giant cliffhanger -- and now it's not coming back! There's a bunch of hours I won't get back! I should know better than to trust NBC -- they do this every time.
03/11/16 at 03:22am

I read this show has been cancelled.
02/13/16 at 02:42pm

Just watched episode 3 and it is slowly growing on me! Different and interesting so for me it's a win. I hope they don't cancel it mid season!!
David Wood
02/12/16 at 05:05pm

Offbeat and wacky. Lotsa fun.
01/29/16 at 08:12am

Interesting concept for a show. This is more of a dramedy and had some light moments throughout the first episode. I thought Rob Lowe's character was the best.
01/28/16 at 11:01pm

I don't see how this is a comedy. It wasn't even funny.
01/28/16 at 02:19pm

The same series shown in the UK has a season two. Wether the ratings will be good enough for the US to follow with season two is not known yet. Like saving Hope the US canceled it but Canada has kept on for three more seasons. I think a different network in the US has since picked it up. Great show.MKL&ML

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