You, Me and the Apocalypse

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Jan 28, 2016 - Mar 31, 2016




Comedy / Drama




Jude - Rob LoweRhonda - Jenna FischerLeanne - Megan MullallyJamie / Ariel - Mathew BayntonDave - Joel FryArnold - Paterson JosephCeline - Gaia ScodellaroPaula - Pauline QuirkeScotty - Kyle Soller

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A comedic drama following the last days of mankind.

When word spreads that a comet is on a collision course with Earth, the lives of an eclectic group of characters from around the world begin to intersect in unexpected ways amidst the apocalyptic chaos.

Each of these mismatched misfits find different ways of coping with the impending end of the world. With 34 days until the comet collides with Earth, some of them are destined to find their way to a deep underground bunker and become the unlikely future of mankind.

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Ken in Vegas
10/17/16 at 02:52pm

And this is precisely *WHY* I don't watch new shows on ABC, NBC, or CBS. These people cut a show at the first sign of trouble, and leave it without a proper ending. Now I know not to buy the DVD and watch that, as it has been revealed that this show ended in a cliff-hanger, and there will be no resolution coming. Way to shoot yourself in the foot NBC. I'm confused-- you *are* trying to make money, right?
10/15/16 at 11:52pm

NOOO! i loved this show! how could they cancel a show and leave such a huge cliff hanger! come on, somebody else pick it up and ADVERTISE it this time, so it gets some viewers.
10/04/16 at 09:08pm

WHY....this show was different and very good. Keep the junk and cancel the good ones!!
09/21/16 at 05:37pm

I was so into this story! The pace was awesome and the characters were fascinating. It just can't end like that!!
08/13/16 at 11:15pm

NBC does this ALL THE TIME. What I do it wait to watch any new show to see if will be cancelled with a cliff-hanger [and this is almost always the case with NBC]. If the show continues or has a "proper" ending, THEN I will watch it, but not until I know what will happen with the show. SO, I see that this show sounded good, and I was willing to give it a try until I find out it ended in a cliff-hanger and NBC cancelled it. WAY TO GO dumbasses at NBC. I will not be renting the DVD to this series-- what's the point?
05/28/16 at 06:13am

Loved, Loved , Loved this show!!! Its hard for me to find a TV show that I can watch from the beginning . I am very disappointed in NBC for cancelling this show.
05/14/16 at 09:02am

I'm kind of sad this show was cancelled, but I think the time slot it was in (8 Eastern/7 Central on Thursday nights) had something to do with it as it aired opposite ratings juggernaut "Big Bang Theory", which is still a pretty good show after nine seasons. I liked the casting including Rob Lowe, a scene-chewing Meg Mullally and Jenna Fischer, who made her first real small-screen appearance after "The Office" ended.
05/13/16 at 12:02pm

Oh no, I love this show, so different and fun. Hope another network picks it up.
05/06/16 at 12:43pm

This show was barely publicized by NBC. I happened to catch it though and it was certainly one of the most brilliant and entertaining shows on TV. What a shame it was cancelled! But I understand it still aired in the UK and Canada. Does anyone know how to find it?
04/18/16 at 04:10pm

Typical. An intelligent, quirky show gets cancelled and the low brow, rehashing of same old story line shows get renewed. NBC barely gave this show a chance to catch on. Very disappointed in this cancellation.

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