24: Legacy

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Feb 05, 2017 - Apr 17, 2017




Drama / Action




Eric - Corey HawkinsRebecca - Miranda OttoJohn - Jimmy SmitsKeith - Teddy SearsAndy - Dan BucatinskyNicole - Anna DiopIsaac - Ashley Thomas

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The 2017 evolution of the famed action drama following one man's mission to stop a terrorist attack.

Eric Carter is an ex-Army Ranger who is back in America six months after leading an elite squad to kill a terrorist leader in Yemen. As a result, the terrorist's followers wage war against Carter, his squad, and their families - forcing them into witness protection.

When an attack on Carter makes him realize they have been exposed, he enlists a skilled intelligence officer to help him race against the clock to uncover a sophisticated terror network that makes them question everything.

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03/27/17 at 09:14am

Although the original 24 was pretty good, they always needes to extend the time table, always the bad guys got away right on time leaving CSU blind... Sorry, I meant Screwed and I always wondered, is that how a security agency will work? Come on, I know it's fantasy, but despite the season plot... In the end it's always pretty much the same
03/15/17 at 04:48am

Commercial Fest! So much wasted time with the rehash and the clock counting up on a black screen. Do NOT watch this live, DVR or watch on-line & save yourself a half hour. The new guy is no Jack Bauer. I think Fox just wanted another money-maker Ad vehicle.
03/07/17 at 09:00am

Don't like it at all. Jack was the bad ass of the show. New guy blows.
02/21/17 at 07:36am

This reboot is amazing! I can't wait to see how Tony Almeida (Carlos Bernard) comes into play. I hope they other old characters show up as well.
02/12/17 at 10:13pm

Love it so far
11/26/16 at 01:36am

trailer looks very good. plz be awesome

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