24: Legacy

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Feb 05, 2017 - Apr 17, 2017




Drama / Action




Eric - Corey HawkinsRebecca - Miranda OttoJohn - Jimmy SmitsKeith - Teddy SearsAndy - Dan BucatinskyNicole - Anna DiopIsaac - Ashley Thomas

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The 2017 evolution of the famed action drama following one man's mission to stop a terrorist attack.

Eric Carter is an ex-Army Ranger who is back in America six months after leading an elite squad to kill a terrorist leader in Yemen. As a result, the terrorist's followers wage war against Carter, his squad, and their families - forcing them into witness protection.

When an attack on Carter makes him realize they have been exposed, he enlists a skilled intelligence officer to help him race against the clock to uncover a sophisticated terror network that makes them question everything.

Comments (16)

11/16/17 at 09:09pm

It was apparent to me, even before the airing of the very first episode of the season, that without Jack Bauer the show just cannot work.
09/27/17 at 08:04am

I love this show. I hope they give them another season.
Duke Nukem
07/27/17 at 05:24pm

Now what do I watch? Fox is the only TV channel I do gets with my cheap trailer antenna and i liked this show, at least when I was drunk, which is most of the time.
07/18/17 at 10:11am

I tried watching the first few episodes but I couldn't get past the no Sutherland thing as lead actor. 24 is "Jack" to me and always will be. I just couldn't get into this show so had to stop watching
Elaine P,
07/03/17 at 11:28pm

I liked this show very much and will miss it. Seems like shows are getting cancelled and nothing worth watching being added. I'm going to the 50 & 60's shows. They are better than what is being shown on the networks lately anyway. Too Bad we are losing the good shows though.
michael dobey
06/08/17 at 05:42pm

And now they have decided to really cancel it and not use this cast again. The lead actor was not available anyways. rip.
michael dobey
05/24/17 at 03:40pm

It's cancelled but not cancelled. Like wayward pines. Where they may make a new series or maybe not.
04/19/17 at 12:59pm

Watchable. Except for the 12 hour format this series follows the original in style and plot elements. It doesn't really break any new ground. This season relied too much on kidnappings to move the plot forward.
04/14/17 at 03:25pm

This reboot is well-done and more tightly scripted than the original. The shorter time frame works for this story line. Hope it gets a chance to play another season.
03/27/17 at 09:21pm

Pretty good. Good action show but it is soo formulaic.

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