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Jun 11, 2017 - Present




Comedy / Drama


Desna - Niecy NashPolly - Carrie PrestonDean - Harold PerrineauJennifer - Jenn LyonQuiet Ann - Judy ReyesVirginia - Karrueche TranKen - Jason AntoonRoller - Jack KesyUncle Daddy - Dean Norris

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A dramedy following a group of nail salon workers who get involved with organized crime.

At the Nail Artisan of Manatee County salon in South Florida, the five diverse manicurists who work there are doing a lot more than just pedicures. These hard working women are trying to make ends meet in a tough economy, and are lured into a life of crime when they start laundering money from illegal pain medication for a nearby pain clinic.

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michael dobey
07/13/17 at 01:17pm

Well it would have been nice not to have drugs and crap involved with the plot. But still it's got good actresses and they make the show work.
07/03/17 at 05:45pm

I can't believe no one likes this show. It's great mindless entertainment! The cast is awesome and I think it's great! Niecy Nash rules and Jusy Reyes should win an award for her role as quiet Ann. Drama, comedy, it has it all!
07/02/17 at 08:29am

Anna: whats wrong with some good ole takin a trip to plow town? maybe you should give it a try??
06/22/17 at 12:25pm

Seriously, This is an rated XXXXX! Cant they do a show without sex!
Amy C
06/13/17 at 01:00pm

So sad - I wanted to love this show because I love Dean Norris, but it is so horrible I can't even watch.
06/12/17 at 03:45pm

I tried, I really did. But this show SUCKS.
06/11/17 at 08:18am

Sigh ... this proves that Dean Norris will do just about anything for a paycheck.

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