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Jun 11, 2017 - Feb 06, 2022




Comedy / Drama




Desna - Niecy NashPolly - Carrie PrestonDean - Harold PerrineauJennifer - Jenn LyonQuiet Ann - Judy ReyesVirginia - Karrueche TranKen - Jason AntoonRoller - Jack KesyUncle Daddy - Dean Norris

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A dramedy following a group of nail salon workers who get involved with organized crime.

At the Nail Artisan of Manatee County salon in South Florida, the five diverse manicurists who work there are doing a lot more than just pedicures. These hard working women are trying to make ends meet in a tough economy, and are lured into a life of crime when they start laundering money from illegal pain medication for a nearby pain clinic.

Comments (17)

07/10/20 at 08:12pm

Plotline is becoming boring feels like writers have run out of ideas to keep story interesting, funny
09/18/19 at 10:22pm

Season 2 was awesome with russian storyline with Franka Potente, I really thought the show was stepping up a notch but obviously I was wrong after watching season 3.
09/18/19 at 10:19pm

I agree Sara the acting was poor this season. Unfortanley one of the reasons why the show continued on another network is that they saved money on the budget by giving more creative control to the actors. Sometimes it works but sometimes its like this past season, really really bad! What was with the cheesy low class promos?? It was like they were saying if you were a ho your love this show! Trash
Kimberlee Ryan
07/03/19 at 05:17am

Love the show. It's just silly fun. I like just being able to sit back and watch and just enjoy. I think Harold does a great just playing Dean. I have seen him play so many different roles and he never disapoints!
07/02/19 at 12:27pm

I loved the first two season but for some reason this season has a lot of poor acting.
12/10/18 at 04:11pm

Envious folks shouldn't watch this hilarious show. Don't compare anyone one the show to yourself and you'll be able to watch the show and like it. Sit back and enjoy ...
06/10/18 at 07:37pm

This show is hilarious, can't wait to watch season 2. I spent the weekend catching up.
12/14/17 at 07:35pm

The next Breaking Bad. The show grows on you. Good work, I love it.
08/04/17 at 06:37pm

Horrible acting when there is acting! Only thing anyone is good at is mimicking sex, and that's pretty cheesy too. Sooo bad, please cancel and replace with a watchable show that has a decent plot!
08/01/17 at 10:22pm

I love it!!!!

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