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Feb 15, 2017 - Sep 09, 2017




Drama / Legal




Sadie - Katherine HeiglBilly - Steven PasqualeCameron - Laverne CoxAlbert - Dulé HillTiffany - Dreama WalkerIsaiah - Elliott GouldNick - Kobi Libii

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A drama following a lawyer who becomes romantically involved with a possibly-guilty client.

Sadie Ellis is a top attorney at a boutique law firm who starts falling for one of her clients, Billy Brennan, a charismatic pediatric surgeon accused of murdering his girlfriend two decades ago.

Although Sadie tries to hide her growing feelings from friends and colleagues, her decision to become involved with a client could jeopardize her career and her happiness - especially if he is found guilty.

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08/16/17 at 01:12pm

Disappointed that it is cancelled. It was easy and interesting to watch. How can a network make a decision so early? I never saw any ads for it, and just happened upon it. Boo to the network!
08/14/17 at 12:36pm

People are so scared of strong women leading roles! I am so over all the reality shows that are replacing tv shows that are fictional. I live a reality life daily and it is nice to watch fictional shows. I am so tired of these channels not giving shows a chance and bringing reality shows on I am about to STOP watching tv and just watch netflix atleast there I know I can enjoy a good fictional show/movie and not worry about it being cancelled
Susan Chiacchiaretti
08/13/17 at 09:09pm

Great show ! Great characters ! Just finished the final episode, such a shame it's been cancelled. Why is it the networks just think we want reality shows. Hope another network picks it up.
08/13/17 at 01:25pm

I liked this show from the very beginning - am so glad they played the rest of the episodes this summer - With the cliffhangers, I think CBS should reconsider giving the show a chance with a 2nd Season - maybe even next summer !!
I liked all the characters, even Killer Billy !!
08/13/17 at 10:15am

I have to admit after just watching the first, 2 episodes I wasn't hooked. Then I heard it was cancelled, no biggie. But then my DVR kept taping the remaining episodes of the season and I actually started to look forward to watching Doubt every weekend. My mother really enjoyed it too. I hope that CBS will see the increase of viewers and give it another season. You can't just cancel it after 2 episodes without giving it a fair chance. If there was a season 2 I would definitely watch after that cliff hanger last night!
08/12/17 at 08:37pm

It's a shame they cancelled this after only 2 episodes without giving it a chance to find an audience. I am happy that they at least "burned off" the rest of the episodes this summer. While it wasn't exactly award worthy, it was a good, entertaining show and better than most of what's out there. It would have been even better if they would have given all story lines a proper, completed ending.
08/12/17 at 07:06pm

Why do they akways cancel a show without bringing it to a real conclusion? And to all the haters and bigots yes I loved Laverne Cox in the show. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with if she is a good actress or not, which she is. To end the show on a cliffhanger and not letting us know how it will end is just so unfair. If they know there're going cancel it then do a proper ending. Let us know what Sadie does with the news she discovered, let us know what happens to the associate that is charged with a.crime. Cmon CBS do the right thing!!!!!
08/05/17 at 06:59pm

So glad that this show was DUMPED after two episodes. Another "legal" show with a Liberal agenda was NOT needed on TV, I mean we just got done with the Good Wife. Some of the issues tackled are purely one-sided and blown out of proportion. This loser won't be missed.
07/01/17 at 10:07am

Just saw on thetvdb that CBS has scheduled the remaining episodes to air Saturdays@8pm during the summer, beginning today (7/1).
03/17/17 at 05:13pm

There is no doubt this show will not be syndicated

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