Emerald City

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Jan 06, 2017 - Mar 03, 2017




Drama / Fantasy




Dorothy - Adria ArjonaThe Wizard - Vincent D'OnofrioLucas - Oliver Jackson-CohenWest - Ana UlaruJack - Gerran HowellGlinda - Joely RichardsonTip - Jordan LoughranEamonn - Mido HamadaElizabeth - Roxy SternbergWicked Witch of the East - Florence Kasumba

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A fantasy drama featuring a reimagined Land of Oz where Dorothy is on the road to her destiny.

In this dark, reimagined version of The Wizard of Oz, 20-year-old Dorothy Gale and a K9 police dog are swept up into a mystical land in the blink of a tornado's eye.

In this world far removed from her own lies competing realms, dark magic, and lethal warriors engaged in a battle for supremacy. This unsuspecting young woman must now navigate this new, dangerous land, on the road to finding her true destiny.

Comments (39)

07/06/17 at 01:03am

This series had promise, but it just kept getting worse. I gave up after episode 5. If I just had basic cable then I would have kept watching, but there's much better TV series on elsewere.
06/20/17 at 09:20pm

I really loved the series and hate that it's not coming back for a second season.
Veronica Mora
06/03/17 at 09:11pm

This is a really good show I couldn't wait to see the second one it was that good you guys should bring it back I have quite a few people that I've got to watch it all of them loved it and are waiting for the second season to come out. Please bring it back
05/14/17 at 07:43am

Hey they overturned timeless cancellation ....get NBC to renew emerald city ..
05/11/17 at 05:22pm

Good story line and show. I wish that they gave it another season to catch on for other viewers. I enjoyed the first season and it was better than most of the shows on television right now.
05/10/17 at 03:01pm

This is too bad. I thought this show was really great a
05/10/17 at 12:41pm

The show seemed too expensive to be sustainable. Great idea and great cinematography.
05/08/17 at 00:51am

Glad I didn't invest any time in this...waited to see if a season 2 was going to come and now that it hasn't I won't even vest time into watching it on Hulu.
michael dobey
05/05/17 at 06:04am

I was surprised this made it to the end of it's run. I thought it was different and ok on it's own. If they hadn't tied it into oz , and just made a sci fi show on it's own. People might not have rejected it. But I expected to see a lion, and a scarecrow an tin man. Like the great mini series sci fi did years ago. T his had none of that. It was like they had the oz name , but none of the real stories from the books. It was not a bad show though. Still it was doomed by not sticking to more of the books.
04/19/17 at 07:59am

They would be stupid not to renew it . I hardly ever watch shows on NBC but this show caught my attention and I loved it and I couldn't wait until the next showings. This show brought people back to NBC and isn't that what they want. You need to bring it back you'd be making a mistake if you didn't a it would be a bad business decision. Just saying:(

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