Friends From College

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Jul 14, 2017 - Jan 11, 2019








Ethan - Keegan-Michael KeyLisa - Cobie SmuldersSam - Annie ParisseNick - Nat FaxonMax - Fred SavageMarianne - Jae Suh Park

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A comedy following a group of friends from Harvard who are now in their forties.

A group of friends who all went to Harvard together are now older and each having varying degrees of success in their personal and professional lives. Their old friendships and previous romantic relationships have them balancing adulthood with their nostalgia for the past.

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08/22/17 at 08:49am

Comedies are supposed to be funny. This show felt more like punishment. Unlikeable people doing unlikeable things -- great, if played over the top, like Melrose Place. Or if really played for laughs, like Seinfeld. But this is just a bunch of people who don't realize how good life is for them wallowing in their first world problems. Given the cast, I would have expected to laugh at least once. I won't give these castmembers that expectation in the future.
07/14/17 at 12:46pm

Can not wait to see Cobie Shoulders. She really put the Avengers over the top with her Oscar quality performance.
07/14/17 at 07:03am

i will not watch a show cobie smulders in it 0% talent ,how i met your mother biggest mistake the show would've been perfect if they picked another actress to play the role and the biggest nightmare that she thinks she's funny

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