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Jun 30, 2017








Jean - Naomi WattsMichael - Billy CrudupSidney - Sophie CooksonAllison - Lucy BoyntonSam - Karl GlusmanAlexis - Melanie Liburd

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A thriller following a therapist who develops close relationships with people in her patients' lives.

Jean Holloway is a Manhattan therapist who has a successful practice and lives a seemingly-picturesque life. But a growing obsession with the personal lives of her patients causes her to develop intimate and dangerous relationships with the people in their lives.

As the borders of her professional life and personal fantasies become blurred, Jean's life becomes a tangled web of deception that turns her world upside down.

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09/12/17 at 09:25pm

Netflix, why would you cancel this show. Loved the premise, like the leading lady... So complicated... Bring this back!
Robert Alvarez
08/04/17 at 12:16pm

I must say, I have been rather disappointed by this show. The term "thriller" surprises me, as I have not seen anything "thrilling" in this Netflix original series.
It certainly has good acting and big names in the lead roles, and I like the fact that virtually every episode I have seen, thus far (the first four or five, if memory serves) are named after a street in one of NYC's Boroughs. I did especially like the "Morgan Avenue" episode, since I use that MTA "L" train station to go from Manhattan to Brooklyn.
Ironically, at least once in every episode, I keep thinking "They cancelled 'Sense8' but they are keeping this."
Sorry to be a downer, but I would love to enjoy watching "Gypsy," but find myself wanting more. Unfortunately, I AM beginning to see why some television series are cancelled after one season.

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