I Am Frankie

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Sep 04, 2017 - Oct 04, 2018


Drama / Comedy




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A drama following an android who passes herself off as a normal teenage girl.

Frankie Gaines may appear to be just like any other teenager, but she is hiding a big secret: she is actually an experimental android developed to look like a real human being.

Her creator is Sigourney Gaines, a scientist working for an shadowy tech company called EGG Labs. When she learns of EGG's plans to use Frankie in a military project, she quits her job and brings Frankie along with her, moving her family far away to give Frankie a normal life.

To ensure Frankie's safety, Sigourney poses as her mother and enrolls her in high school. Keeping up appearances takes a lot of work, and thankfully Frankie's new best friend Dayton is there to help her deal with the social pressures and information overload.

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will spoon
01/14/20 at 04:23pm

good kids show nicer than others the main actress looks like a young Nina Dobrev
Parish J
11/24/17 at 07:22pm

Nice, clean kids/teen show.

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