I'm Dying Up Here

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Jun 04, 2017 - Jul 08, 2018




Comedy / Drama




Goldie - Melissa LeoAdam - RJ CylerCassie - Ari GraynorRon - Clark DukeEddie - Michael AngaranoSully - Stephen GuarinoRalph - Erik GriffinBill - Andrew Santino

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A dramedy following the early days of standup comedy in 1970s Los Angeles.

Every night, a group of up-and-coming comedians vie for their chance to perform at Goldie's, the most-popular standup club in Los Angeles. But to do so they have to win over its ruthless owner, who rules the Sunset Strip.

These comedians will sacrifice it all to make it big in the L.A. comedy scene, braving the pain of sharing their innermost thoughts and darkest secrets in the name of getting a laugh.

Comments (9)

01/29/20 at 11:24pm

Well the title predicted the end! The show was unwatchable! Like any Adam Sandler movie on Netflix! Brutally funny Hollywood reviews podcast
07/04/19 at 01:33pm

I HATE that they cancelled this!!! It was well written and well acted! Someone made a comment that the show wasn't funny--- it wasn't a comedy,dumbass!lol! It was a drama about comedians! I'll always wonder what happened to the characters!It seems like every show I like it gets canceled! LOL!
08/07/18 at 07:10pm

Love the show--Melissa Leo is phenomenal as Goldie. Hope Brad Garrett becomes a regular.
07/09/18 at 07:52pm

I really like this show... I enjoy the music and characters' portrayals. I hope Showtime keeps it around.
07/05/18 at 10:10pm

I love this show. Bring it back for season 3!
09/15/17 at 08:56pm

What a great and unique premise for a show. I love Melissa Leo, Ari graynor hell all of them are sharp. The first episode was a little slow. But you can see they were laying out the groundwork for some great character action. Patience paid off. Great acting, great script, great show! Please, PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOWTIME!
09/04/17 at 06:10pm

Please renew this show. It is very funny and the acting is good.
Jack Vito
08/07/17 at 09:51am

What the heck is Evie talking about. This is another real life show on SHO and it rocks. It shows what it is like to be in the comedy business and highlights the off stage and onstage persona of the comedians and the business side behind it. The characters are real the stories riviting and the acting is first class.
evie mattel
06/05/17 at 01:11am

This show is horrible. It is not funny. There is not one likeable character - including the talented Melissa Leo. Another flop for Jim Carrey - good now he can marry Kathy Griffin.

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