Kevin (Probably) Saves the World

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Oct 03, 2017 - Mar 06, 2018








Kevin - Jason RitterYvette - Kimberly Hebert GregoryAmy - JoAnna Garcia SwisherNathan - J. August RichardsKristin - India de BeaufortReese - Chloe EastTyler - Dustin Ybarra

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A drama following a down-on-his-luck man who is given a mission by God to save the world.

Kevin Finn is a self-absorbed guy who is down on his luck and on a perilous path to despair. When he heads back home to stay with his twin sister and niece, an unlikely celestial being appears to him and tasks him with a mission to save the world, giving Kevin a new purpose in life.

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05/31/19 at 09:15am

Bummer! I hadn't realized this show was cancelled and when I didn't see it on the schedule in the fall I just thought it maybe was a mid-season/summer show so I started looking for it now only to find out it's been cancelled. So sad that such a well-acted, gentle, quirky, sweet and funny show couldn't make it beyond one season.
Molly Blakeslee
09/26/18 at 08:56pm

Dear ABC, this show was a winner in all aspects. Why do you have to cancel all of the good shows & keep all of the other junk? Baby Boomers need to be represented in Network scheduling & ABC is not considering us at all.
Michael Wittman
07/15/18 at 01:36am

We love this show, and i agree there is to much sex and violence on tv! I miss the times we could just watch tv with our kids and enjoy the programs. It was just nice to enjoy the shows and catch up with your family. I miss the Friday night shows I watched with my kids!
07/03/18 at 08:41pm

Good show.. unique idea and great cast...sad to see it go.
Wanda E Mayoral
06/04/18 at 10:07pm

These networks keep. Cancelling all the good shows and keeping shit reality shows! Please please bring back this feel good family show and code black my 2 favorite shows!
05/26/18 at 00:56am

Great show.Great cast.Unique story line. John's son is a talent. Keep.
05/23/18 at 03:35pm

We LOVED this show, it was quirky, fun, and taught being helpful, looking out for others, and true frienship. Isn't this the value system we want to aspire to? I really think ABC monitors my house and cancels anything I watch more than twice. Good thing they don't own HGTV.
05/16/18 at 03:17pm

This was a fun show to watch. Only wish that the word God was used instead of talking around it all the time. I will miss this show and I am sure it will be replaced by some dumb show targeted at millennials not for us baby boomers.
05/02/18 at 06:34pm

Does every show on tv have to be “reality”. or contain sex and violence? This is a feel good show. What’s wrong with feeling good. DONT CANCEL THIS SHOW r
04/24/18 at 12:32pm

This is my favorite show on TV. It is full of laughs and a feel good storyline. This is exactly the type of show we need on TV. ABC needs to move it to a better time slot too. Keep this show and spread the word!

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