Marvel's The Defenders

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Aug 18, 2017




Drama / Action




Matt - Charlie CoxJessica - Krysten RitterLuke - Mike ColterDanny - Finn Jones

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An action drama following four superheroes who team up to save New York.

Superheroes from four standalone series join forces as Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist fight together towards the common goal of saving New York City.

While apart they are solitary heroes who are burdened with their own personal challenges, together they are undoubtedly a stronger and more formidable force.

Comments (3)

08/26/17 at 11:34am

Finally watched this and its is very good first 2-3 episodes are buildup episodes but than takes off. Don't know why people don't like iron fist. If you have ever read any iron fist in comics than he is right on the character. Always a character that is good but troubled.
08/23/17 at 08:01am

The first 3 episodes were a bit on the slow side but it picks up after that and ends up being a very enjoyable show. I really liked how well Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones worked together....and didn't always work so well together. Overall though the weak link for me is Iron Fist. I tried watching that show (I've watched all the others and loved them) and just didn't care for it. His character isn't much better in this one.
08/21/17 at 06:51am

It was ok, Iron Fist is a pain and doesn't help the show at all. I have read there will be only 8 episodes. The characters all worked well and how they got them together was good, but for me it could have been better.

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