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Nov 12, 2017 - Present






Nick - Patrick BrammallJudd - Tim MeadowsJanice - Amy SedarisFatima - Sunita ManiAngus - Jesse PlemonsMiguel - Arturo CastroRoberto - Adrian MartinezAdrian - Will FerrellMarco - Jason MantzoukasTony - Darren GilshenanGreg - Bob Odenkirk

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A comedy that focuses on the mundane lives of everyday cops and criminals.

Based on an Australian series of the same name, this comedy follows different groups on both sides of the law over the course of a major drug cartel bust.

The parties involved include two low-ranking police officers who spend far too much time together, two criminals who are kept in the dark, two dispatch workers who don't quite get along, and two Mexican tunnelers who end up stuck in a space too small for a pair of strangers.

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11/22/18 at 01:54pm

"That's a Hard Pass on this for me Dawg!!"

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