Still Star-Crossed

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May 29, 2017 - Jul 29, 2017








Damiano - Grant BowlerBenvolio - Wade BriggsParis - Torrance CoombsLawrence - Dan HildebrandRosaline - Lashana LynchLivia - Ebonee NoelIsabella - Medalion RahimiGuiliana - Zuleikha RobinsonEscalus - Sterling SuliemanNurse - Susan WooldridgeSilvestro - Anthony Head

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A period drama that picks up where the story of Romeo and Juliet left off.

After the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet, the rivalry between the Capulets and the Montagues escalates. A new royal has ascended to the throne in Verona and must determine what is best for his city, which is at the epicenter of mayhem.

When Rosaline Capulet is betrothed to Benvolio Montague against her will in an attempt to end the bitter feud between their families, the two seek to find a way to prevent their arranged marriage as well as the destruction of their families.

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06/23/17 at 10:25pm

If anyone writing this actually read Romeo and Juliet, they'd know that their series is a moot point because Shakespeare wrote it so that the two families see the death of their favorite members in each other's arms and decide put the feud behind them.
David Wood
06/05/17 at 06:05pm

I couldn't tell one Capulet from another Montague. Seemed like a huge crowd of angry people shoving each around.
05/31/17 at 05:56pm

Let's rewrite history again. Can we change the characters make some 4 eyed aliens and others robotic and yet add characters from other dumb shows as usual and turn this monstrosity into what it really is - CRAP!
05/29/17 at 10:07am

Yet another Politically Correct rewrite of century old stories

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