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James - Tom HardyLorna - Jessie BuckleyZilpha - Oona ChaplinBrace - David HaymanStuart - Jonathan PryceHelga - Franka PotenteSolomon - Jason WatkinsThorne - Jefferson HallGodfrey - Ed HoggDumbarton - Michael KellyPrince Regent - Mark GatissRobert - Nicholas WoodesonAtticus - Stephen GrahamCholmondeley - Tom Hollander

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A period drama following an adventurer who returns to London to rebuild his father's shipping empire.

It is the year 1814 and James Keziah Delaney, the son of a despised shipping tycoon, has returned to London, England after being away in Africa for the last 10 years. Believed to be long dead, he is now back as a changed man, ready to inherit what is left of his deceased father's empire and rebuild his life.

But his father had a dark and complicated legacy, with no shortage of enemies. James must now take caution while navigating increasingly complex territories in order to avoid his own demise.

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08/17/23 at 08:52pm
Wikipedia has an estimated end of 2023 to begin filming S2 (which would be ~7 years after S1).
Whether the SAG-AFTRA strike affects this estimate is beyond my knowledge/understanding of this entire situation.
12/08/21 at 01:52am

It's the 8 of december 2021 now and still no taboo, does anybody habe any new news about the production?
04/14/20 at 01:30pm

Checking IMDB, I see Season 2 is supposed to air this year, 2020, but I agree it's just been too long. I hardly care anymore whether it airs or not.
04/05/20 at 11:53am

OMG REALLY just admit it and move on the show is done, off the air it's been 3 years !
05/23/19 at 10:05pm

#TabooFX on Instagram has current photos which indicate the 2nd season is currently being worked/filmed, perhaps even as I type this. It's happening:)
Kurt Stuessy
05/15/19 at 03:37pm

What do you mean on the air ? Where ? When ? It hasn't been on for over 2 years !
03/07/18 at 11:52pm

This show is great. Glad to see something on TV besides cops, hospital and lawyer shows. It took a couple of episodes before I got into it. I stuck it out because I love Tom Hardy. Happy to see it’s renewed. Good job FX!!!
05/11/17 at 01:07am

It's going to be interesting to see where that ship takes them next season!
03/22/17 at 04:19pm

I LOVE this show!! Just dark and twisty enough it almost needs to make the leap to HBO or something. Hardy and Hayman make me love these messed up characters, that you find yourself rooting for!??!
mike dobey
03/08/17 at 10:50am

Tom hardy is excellent as usual. He went from a A lister to tv star pretty rapidly. It happens, but he sure adds a lot to his character. Glad to hear this is coming back.

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