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An anthology series that weaves classic and current hip-hop songs into visual narratives.

This scripted series of "song stories" brings music to television in a unique style that uses the lyrics from some of hip hop's greatest hits as thematic backdrops to "mini-movies" that re-imagine their meaning.

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08/09/17 at 02:27pm

I loved watching Tales and now it hasn't been on. Was it canceled? Please bring it back.
Carolyn Guy
08/03/17 at 01:33am

Can't find this show on the channels anymore. What happened? I loved it
Please bring it back.
07/31/17 at 07:24pm

I tried to watch last week and searched for tomorrow and found nothing. was it pulled from aieibg?
07/30/17 at 04:17pm

I tried to watch Tailes on BET on demand,but couldn't find it al all, so i went to BET channel and searched Tuesdays and i still couldn't find that (Tails) is the show off the air???

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