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An anthology series that weaves classic and current hip-hop songs into visual narratives.

This scripted series of "song stories" brings music to television in a unique style that uses the lyrics from some of hip hop's greatest hits as thematic backdrops to "mini-movies" that re-imagine their meaning.

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05/27/18 at 00:38am

Tales was a unique anthology show that used week known songs and essentially crafted a story based upon the songs lyrics, sometimes tightly woven and other times, more interpretive. It was innovative for the targeted demographic which was a huge plus. Glad it will be renewed. I just hope that production will be consistent when it returns!
Latoya Walker
02/05/18 at 09:19am

I really enjoyed the show. It just ended to soon. Will it return for another season?
09/27/17 at 03:56pm

50 central happened gggggg gunit!!!
09/23/17 at 00:18am

I really liked watching the show. Please bring it back
09/21/17 at 09:11pm

I was really starting to get into this show. What happen? I love the idea of making a story from songs. I loved how you switched the rolls of what is the life of young black men and let white people get a real glimpse of how it might feel if the shoe was on the other foot. I personally used it as a teaching tool for my ,White, children. I want them to be able to identify when one is being inhuman to others. I love the show. I want more
No tales, irv gotti Lorenzo lowest scum on ea
08/21/17 at 01:28pm

Should be cancelled gotti is not black culture he's a murder a killer he sets up young black men to be killed he excepts drug money from young and old black men and does nothing to help communities. Please do t let him destroy another group of black men by portraying to be something your not he took supreme down interfered with 50 great business and tried to black ball several others irving Lorenzo is the lowest grade of scum on this planet
No tales
08/21/17 at 01:19pm

Tales showed be cancelled irv gotti is the devil a snake and a disgrace to black culture, bet is the last place that should support him.
08/19/17 at 09:28pm

please bring the show back....i really enjoy the show. It's the only show my bf watch with me.
08/13/17 at 03:17pm

Where can we find Tales it disappeared off of BET????
Michelle Posey
08/12/17 at 02:41pm

Has this show been cancelled???

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