The Brave

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Sep 25, 2017 - Jan 29, 2018








Patricia - Anne HecheMichael - Mike VogelAnthony - Demetrius GrosseJoseph - Noah MillsHannah - Sofia Pernas

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A drama centered around the world of America's elite undercover military heroes.

D.I.A. Deputy Director Patricia Campbell leads a team of analysts as they utilize highly-advanced surveillance technology from their headquarters in D.C.

In the field, Adam Dalton and his Special Ops squad of expertly-trained undercover specialists risk it all as they execute dangerous missions behind enemy lines in the name of freedom and saving the lives of innocent people.

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07/03/18 at 08:30pm

Loved this intelligent well done show.... really wish someone else picks it up. So much better than the predictable crap that keeps getting renewed.
06/28/18 at 11:21am

Why did they cancel The Brave?!!?? It was a well-written show that had interesting characters and story lines. Isn't there anything we can do? I'm so sad...
Alba Rivera
06/08/18 at 03:24pm

Please save onebof the best showsnout there
06/04/18 at 11:58pm

Why is this being canceled? Very upsetting! The actors and stories were great! Seal Team doesn't even keep my interest, but it gets renewed and Brave doesn't??? I would always watch Brave all the way through and delete Seal Team before it was 1/2 way through because I was bored. So again why would NBC cancel Brave????
05/31/18 at 06:08am

Great show way better than seal team. Once again you cancel a great show without doing an ending. Getting tired of wAtching and being disappointed in the end . Someone please pick up this show.!
Julie Stromeier
05/29/18 at 11:26pm

My husband and I loved this show NBC CANCELLING this show was a bad move
05/28/18 at 08:54pm

I cannot understand the decision to cancel this great show! Bad move, NBC and you’ve just lost me as a viewer!
05/28/18 at 08:51pm

I cannot understand the BAD decision to cancel this great show! Bad move, NBC!
05/28/18 at 03:24pm

the Brave Canceled Bad Move !
05/26/18 at 02:34pm

My husband & I both enjoyed this show. Well-crafted stories, lots of action, and without silly drama. I hope another network picks it up. Please!!!

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