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Feb 10, 2017






Paul - Richard CoyleClaude - Tom RileyHelen - Mamie GummerYvette - Frances de la TourNina - Jenna Thiam

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A period drama following the behind-the-scenes clashes in a post-war Parisian fashion house.

The war is over, and the Sabine family has been tasked with restoring Paris' supremacy as the haute couture capital of the world. The Sabine's rising business is run two clashing brothers, Paul - the face of the business - and Claude - the creative genius. They are nothing without each other but their rivalry and deception threatens to bring down their rising fashion empire.

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Michelle Crawford
02/14/20 at 12:48pm

Wow!! What an amazing series!! Can't believe you cancelled after just 1 short season!! It's obvious, that you can see there is many ratings.. why would you cancel? What a shame - extremely disappointed, as are all the rest of the fans!!!
11/20/17 at 11:56am

There is everything necessary in this show: Costumes, setting, intrigue, drama, suspense and an excellent cast
11/19/17 at 10:18pm

Is this renewed and, if so, will it be shown on PBS or any other Cable or Satellite (DirecTV) accessible channel?
11/06/17 at 08:20pm

I love this show. The photography, the characters and the mix of intriguing mystery, human moral wrestling. I hope to see many more episodes.
05/19/17 at 04:55am

Fab show! please, please let us have another season
Steven J.
02/19/17 at 02:53pm

Amazing production awesome cast... so lavish.. great couture! Please renew this show!!!
02/15/17 at 08:46am

Great show, terrific actors. Needs time to build audience. Don't let this one die on the vine and then regret it!

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