The Gong Show

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Jun 22, 2017 - Aug 30, 2018






Host - Mike Myers

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A 2017 revival of the iconic game show.

A revolving panel of celebrity judges critique contestants, offering either praise or a gong, in this revival of one of television's all-time great variety shows.

Episodes feature unique and creative performers taking the primetime stage with unusual talents.

Comments (24)

10/13/17 at 02:43pm

PLEASE bring the show back, pretty please.
10/05/17 at 06:34pm

You people are idiots. The gong show sucks!
10/02/17 at 09:42pm

We want the Gong Show. It is good intertainment!!!
09/29/17 at 11:47pm

I don't look at much television, but when I do I look
at the Gong Show. Let's keep the Show on indefinitely
Oralia Martinez
09/28/17 at 07:32pm

Finally a happy show n u wanna do away with it. Please bring the gong show back. My grandson n I luv it! It is fun n funny-no hilarious!! There aren't too many good shows but this one is so be a chicky monkey n please please renew it for another 10 seasons, @ least!!!
09/28/17 at 03:00am

Please bring The Gong Show back. One of the very few shows my family sits down and watches together. We REALLY enjoy it!!!
Myra Macdonald
09/27/17 at 07:16pm

Please bring back the gong show. It is one of our favorite shows for the whole family the kids love it and they all score after each act. It is so much fun and a great laugh
Rod Munch
09/10/17 at 04:10pm

anyone else find it a conincidence that you never never see tommy maitland and Mike Myers in the same place at the same time?
Yeah, me neither!
09/07/17 at 01:01pm

God bless Tommy Maitland. He makes me smile every week. He has more energy than most people I have ever seen. I LOVE the audience sing-a-long and YES, I DO sing along here in my living room! I really hope this show is renewed. It is a bright spot in a sea of sometimes crappy TV programming!
Tom obrien
09/05/17 at 12:23pm

One of my favorites show,please renew

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