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Comedy / Sci-fi


Ed - Seth MacFarlaneKelly - Adrianne PalickiGordon - Scott GrimesClaire - Penny JohnsonBortus - Peter MaconIsaac - Mark JacksonJohn - J. LeeAlara - Halston SageYaphit - Norm Macdonald

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A sci-fi dramedy following the futuristic adventures of a space exploration vessel.

Four hundred years in the future, Earth is part of the advanced and mostly-peaceful Planetary Union. The U.S.S. Orville is a mid-level exploratory vessel that is one of the planet's fleet of 3000 faster-than-light spaceships.

The ship's human and alien crew are led by rookie officer Ed Mercer, who is determined to prove his worth despite his First Officer being his ex-wife. Together, they face the wonders and dangers of outer space, while also dealing with the familiar workplace problems.

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03/18/19 at 03:07pm

After the episode featuring the huge space battle, I'm suprised that the script writers would somehow validate the "rights" of an android who betrayed the Orville and the Union, resulting in murder of several Orville crew members, i.e. the poor guy who was jettisoned out into space! If this were real, and the Orville was real, I'd protest and argue that androids cannot think or have feelings, so why give this piece of crap space junk any rights? I'm done with this show. A disappointment.
michael dobey
03/03/19 at 02:27pm

Season two is one of the best series on tv.
Christian Lawman
08/08/18 at 11:53am

I caught only two reruns on Fox TV, and found the show a little different. So I'm game. Bring it back.
Beam me Up Seth
05/23/18 at 08:35pm

Wow! The negativity here surprises me. But I guess if it wasn’t for Desilu Star Trek wouldn’t have survived its blip (3 seasons) in TV history. Wasn’t Seth involved with the Star Trek: Enterprise with Scott “Quantum Leap”? To be honest I didn’t know what to expect...Ted Lost in Space, Family Guy meets the Jetsons or American Dad on Battle Star Galactica... it gets better with every episode. Loved Rob Blue Lowe. Looking forward to season 2 300 years from now. For fun rewatch Star Trek as an adult and I’m guessing you will catch more of the humor then when you watched as a kid. Live long and props Seth!
12/17/17 at 00:30am

This show is so funny, without being offensive which I was expecting it to be. There's a few cultural issues they address, but do it with humor, without being preachy or pushing one side over another. This is a must watch for people who love Sci Fi.
12/16/17 at 04:06am

The Orville caught me off guard. I expected it to be bad - I tend to tolerate Seth for my husband more than actually enjoying his work. So I was prepared to grit my teeth and sit through episodes that completely disgusted me.

But I like it - a lot (except the 3rd episode). It took what I love about series like Star Trek and washed away Roddenberry's very utopian ideals, instead injecting a surprising amount of both humanity and humor while still *trying* to tackle weighty and difficult subjects - with some success.

One of the things that works so well is these characters are very recognizable. Ever seen a nasty divorce? Ever seen the couple still required to work together? Yeah, it's ugly and cringeworthy, but these people are real. Maybe people will change in 300 years - if that's what you want, Star Trek is your better option - but maybe people fundamentally don't change. And that, I think, is what The Orville examines in it's rather unique take on the future of humanity's exploration of space.
11/18/17 at 07:47am

Glad this was picked up for a 2nd season. I really like whenever Kelly (Adrianne Paliki) is in a scene. She's so hot. She makes it a pleasure to pleasure myself while watching.
11/12/17 at 10:42am

I LOVE this show!! The last episode with Rob Lowe as the blue guy was hilarious. Seth is doing an excellent job with the series. So glad to see that it was already renewed for season two. Hopefully it will be around for many years to come.
11/10/17 at 01:13pm

I was really caught off guard by the episode titled Cupids Dagger. Pretty bold stuff, although not as bold as some shows. The scene with Dr. Finn (Penny Johnson) and the gelatinous creature 'Yaphit' immersing themselves in some interspecies love making was pretty hot!
Bernard Woods
10/24/17 at 12:39pm

The Orville is one of the best on TV.
Done cancel the Orville.

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