Time After Time

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Mar 05, 2017 - Mar 26, 2017




Drama / Sci-fi




H.G. Wells - Freddie StromaJohn - Josh BowmanJane - Génesis RodríguezVanessa - Nicole Ari ParkerGriffin - Will ChaseJesse - Jordin Sparks

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A drama following the time-traveling adventures of young H.G. Wells.

Based on the novel and movie of the same name, this cat and mouse adventure focuses on famed science fiction writer H.G. Wells. After discovering his friend is actually the murderous Jack the Ripper, H.G. travels through time to modern day Manhattan hot on his trail.

Once in New York, H.G. discovers a whole new world beyond his wildest dreams. But now he must find a way to stop Jack the Ripper before he kills again.

Comments (25)

04/07/17 at 07:05pm

ABC this is why you're a loser. I will not watch any of your shows again.
04/06/17 at 03:37pm

They didn't give it a chance! I loved it!
04/06/17 at 05:16am

Very disappointed this show was canceled! Loved the cast and I truly wanted to see what new adventures ole H.G. Wells would get himself into each week but trying to humanize Jack The Ripper and showing him with somewhat of a conscience and finding out he had a son is where I think the show went wrong! Still I liked that the writers tried a fresh approach so kudos! I understand ratings were very low but at least let it play out a bit longer than a measly 3 episodes SHAME ON YOU ABC!
04/05/17 at 04:50pm

This sucks this was an awesome show and could have been great I never missed an episode why are you doing this to me NBC why this was an awesome show give me a reason why you did this we only got5 episode explain yourselfs I mean this sucks why cancel something someone's loves I mean really why I want answers
03/31/17 at 04:55am

ABC never gives a new show a chance to catch an audience. ABC stands for (Already Been Cancelled).
03/30/17 at 08:46pm

@Rosie and @DavidWood Same here. Guess this was the "jump the shark" moment.
mike dobey
03/30/17 at 11:54am

they gave this show no chance. And putting it on Sunday nights was a bad move. It would have done well on a friday night. They wasted their money by doing a Sunday night sci fi show. How could it compete against 'the walking dead"/
Emilee McClain
03/30/17 at 07:57am

I saw this coming. It is why I don't watch shows unless it is up to the 3rd seasons because I don't want to get into a show and then BAM they cancel it after the first season.
03/29/17 at 03:29pm

UNREAL!!! What is wrong with you ABC??? I JUST said last night that this show was one of my new favorite drama's, if not, my favorite along with "This is Us" and now we won't even be able to see the rest of the season??? Why not just play out the remainder of the season???
03/26/17 at 11:09pm

@DavidWood...that's the exact episode I quit watching the show. It insulted my intelligence to think those women wouldn't tie the Ripper up and call 911. Just couldn't suspend my belief in reality enough to accept that.

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