Time After Time

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Mar 05, 2017 - Mar 26, 2017




Drama / Sci-fi




H.G. Wells - Freddie StromaJohn - Josh BowmanJane - Génesis RodríguezVanessa - Nicole Ari ParkerGriffin - Will ChaseJesse - Jordin Sparks

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A drama following the time-traveling adventures of young H.G. Wells.

Based on the novel and movie of the same name, this cat and mouse adventure focuses on famed science fiction writer H.G. Wells. After discovering his friend is actually the murderous Jack the Ripper, H.G. travels through time to modern day Manhattan hot on his trail.

Once in New York, H.G. discovers a whole new world beyond his wildest dreams. But now he must find a way to stop Jack the Ripper before he kills again.

Comments (25)

03/21/17 at 05:02pm

Canceled by this weekend
David Wood
03/19/17 at 10:29am

Things were going fairly well until the scene where Jane knocks out the Ripper.Then instead of hitting him again to be sure and tying him up, she and the other captive sneak away and try to run!!!...WHY??!!
At that point, the monster is unconscious, lying spread-eagled on the floor. What is she afraid of, other than dim-witted writers?
I can't watch a show with such a moronic character.
03/11/17 at 02:29pm

The series has no rating
This is why it is canceled in May
0.7 Ratings 18-49
03/08/17 at 11:17pm

It's a good show so far but why does it lack white women? #antiwhitewomen
03/07/17 at 08:56am

Great show

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