Time After Time

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Mar 05, 2017 - Mar 26, 2017




Drama / Sci-fi




H.G. Wells - Freddie StromaJohn - Josh BowmanJane - Génesis RodríguezVanessa - Nicole Ari ParkerGriffin - Will ChaseJesse - Jordin Sparks

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A drama following the time-traveling adventures of young H.G. Wells.

Based on the novel and movie of the same name, this cat and mouse adventure focuses on famed science fiction writer H.G. Wells. After discovering his friend is actually the murderous Jack the Ripper, H.G. travels through time to modern day Manhattan hot on his trail.

Once in New York, H.G. discovers a whole new world beyond his wildest dreams. But now he must find a way to stop Jack the Ripper before he kills again.

Comments (25)

Gary Kemp
11/09/17 at 03:25pm

Sunshine Girl this was based on the 1979 movie of the same name
10/19/17 at 09:58pm

I cannot believe you cancel a wonderful family show and replace it with a satanic vampire crap!!
No wonder why America is falling apart!!
You are destroying children lives!!
So what's next? Weinstein's Romper Room?!
Just freaking brilliant!!
Pat McGranahan
09/03/17 at 12:53pm

I liked this Show it was Neat to watch Sorry it got Cancled
is it on DVD?
07/08/17 at 08:00am

Why was'nt this great show given a chance to catch on. It was a great premise & the acting was fantastic!
05/04/17 at 10:05pm

That sucks, they never gave it a chance. It was different from your run of the mill shows. I was really looking forward to seeing it continue. Shame on you ABC!!
Sunshine Girl
04/16/17 at 12:32pm

I would congratulate ABC on canceling something ASAP, but why did they green-light this trash in the first place? It was an insult to Ripper investigators, an insult to H.G. Wells fans, and an insult to science and common sense.
Trying to rewrite the Ripper into some kind of seductive handsome Dracula type is a mind numbingly dumb move.
Hey, ABC, how about a time-traveling Charlie Manson next season? Or more correctly, a time-traveling Ted Bundy, since Charlie didn't kill with his own hands.
The Ripper DISEMBOWELED women and was not a frickin Men's Health magazine model for Christ's sweet sake.
Good riddance to this revisionist handsome-themed tripe. Better to stick with Cruise in Interview With a Vampire or Bela Lugosi chewing some scenery before morphing into a bat or Mads in Hannibal. If you want a gentleman killer, stick with fictional characters...
Oh, I know, ABC! A youngish Stephen King time travels in pursuit of a seductive time traveling Adolf Hitler!
Green light!
04/14/17 at 06:38pm

Boo!!! I really liked this show, great premise and actors. It's a shame more time wasn't given to Time after Time
Michelle Resilard
04/12/17 at 08:54pm

I love the show Time After Time. The show is a very exciting science fiction drama, suspense, and action. You need to give it more time to for the viewership to be high. Cancelling it just after 5 episodes is not enough time for the show to last. Please don't cancel it.
04/10/17 at 08:03am

Love the show!!!! Please,Please,Please bring it back.greatest show ever.
04/10/17 at 05:44am

Please keep time after time on.

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